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Harvard College Class of 2025

Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, UCLA, Rice, Johns Hopkins, and Brandeis - I was accepted to all of them and can help you be in their class of 2025 and beyond. I’m the first Ivy League student in my family and having recently navigated the college admissions process, I know how to get Ivy League colleges to notice you. I can be your advisor and give you specific advice based on your profile to help you craft your college applications and essays to increase your chances of acceptance to top-ranked colleges and universities. 

Advising is just part of my services. I’ll help you develop a college action plan, prepare your high school profile and application so you shine, and navigate through difficult essay and interview questions to help you build the strongest, most compelling profile so multiple top ten schools are vying for your acceptance. I have scored perfect scores on standardized tests like SAT, Subject Tests: SAT (1580), SAT Math II Subject Test (800), and SAT-2 Chemistry Subject Test (800), and I can help you with test prep to get into the top 5% of test-taking scores. I can help you write personal statements that will have admissions officers advocating for your admission.

I am passionate about education and sharing my insights and advice with other aspiring students. The path is clear, success is within your reach and I can help you get there!

A few of my proudest moments: 2019 1st place in American Association for Clinical Chemistry, 2019 1st place award for the American Chemical Society, 2019 Synopsys n+1 finalist prize, 2019 1st place award in Biochemistry in the California Science & Engineering Fair (CSEF) for my research on my younger sister Lauren’s Celiac Disease, elected student body vice-president, 2018 California Boy’s State Representative, STEAM tutor Scott Lane Elementary. Additional extracurriculars can be found on my resume (click on the image above). 

All proceeds will go towards funding my college and medical school expenses and 20% of my clients are pro bono. Apply below!

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What My Clients Have to Say


Alex is so amazing! He did a phenomenal job guiding me through the admissions process and helping me select colleges that I would have an advantage applying to. He was so knowledgeable about every aspect of the college admissions process and how I could craft my essays and use my personal story to move the reader. His coaching was priceless and I got into 2 of my reach schools! Definitely recommend him as a college advisor!

Kunal A.

Alex is an amazing mentor and tutor. He helped me put together a short list of reach, target and safety schools based on my profile and together, we presented my accomplishments in a way that even my guidance counselor wasn’t able to do. The college process is tough with many unknowns, and it was great having Alex as a resource. His advice and insights were invaluable and helped me get into my number 1 school.

Rohan C.

Alex is the best Chemistry tutor ever and I loved working with him! He instantly helped me improve my grades by teaching me problem-solving skills and digesting difficult concepts. I now have a great understanding of chem. :)

Clea K.



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